Daily vs. Monthly Lens: Know The Difference

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Daily vs. Monthly Lens: Know The Difference

Hi Honeyes! Today we’re going to help you with getting to know what the differences are between daily and monthly contact lenses. Although it sounds intuitive, people still have their misconceptions, so let’s set the record straight!

Daily contacts are contacts that you wear in the morning and dispose at the end of the day, maximum. So if you choose to remove the contact lens midday, you cannot reuse it and must throw it away. It is more efficient in terms of maintenance, as it won’t be necessary to keep up with cleaning & proper storage of lenses for the next times, which can be tedious. Physically, these lenses tend to be much thinner and higher in water content to ensure more comfort for the wearer! But because it is thinner, some might dry quicker and it may not be suitable for those who prone to have dry eyes.

Moving on to the monthly lenses, these are lenses that you can keep reusing in accordance to it’s wear (some have 1, 3 and 6 months of wear! So since you’ll be wearing it much longer, it is made up of stronger material that makes it slightly thicker, in order for it to not dry out in proper storage. Monthly lenses require daily upkeep to prevent any infection. An advantage of monthly lenses however, is that it produces less waste, since there is less disposal of the lenses, unlike daily lenses. The material, although some say less comfortable than daily lenses, actually allows your eyes to have more oxygen content and so prolonging your wear throughout the day.

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